Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prologue and Epilogue

The final version of Following Yonder Star does not include a prologue or epilogue. While these little snippets were interesting, they did not necessarily move the story forward.

I am posting them here. The epilogue is pretty much unedited, since we agreed to chop them before the editor worked through it.

As mentioned in the text, there was a Hill of Vaws. In ancient times the keepers of this Hill (also called Hill of Victory). Here, the sentinels of Ind watched day and night against the Children of Israel, and eventually against the Romans. It was a strategic point, atop which they would make a big fire to warn the land.

Balaam had prophesied a Star that would herald the coming of the Christ, and so for many years people kept watch on the Hill of Vaws, watching for the star. Well, on one night, the Star burst into life, and the rest is history.

The prologue and epilogue are my take on what could have happened at the hill.

** NOTE: The following contains spoilers for the book Following Yonder Star **

Click here to view the Prolgoue and Epilogue

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