Monday, July 28, 2014

We Three Kings

We Three Kings

A few people have read Following Yonder Star. Well now that I'm working with Ellechor Publishing, we are changing the title to We Three Kings. I think it is a much better descriptive title, and it is quickly recognizable.

This could be considered historical fiction, although there is precious little that is known about the kings/wise men. I've kept true to the bible passage, and have relied on the earliest historical texts as best as possible. However, since we don't have a solid description of their history, we really don't know much about these mysterious men who visited the Son of Man.

My friends, the key message is one of sacrifice and dedication. A giving up of one's possessions to the true King; casting off that which glitters for that which truly matters; giving Christ your gifts versus hoarding them for yourself.

I will post updates as we go through the editing process. I think you will find this an exciting adventure that has a deep, moving message within.

*** We work so hard to find our own treasure, our own little trinkets and baubles. What if we we just as hard to give those treasures to others? ***