Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Meeting of the Ways

The storied Meeting of the Ways is the spot where John of Hildesheim claimed the three kings met one another. In his 14th century tale, the three kings raced across thousands of miles in a single night, and met each other at this spot. Was this miraculous or simply an easy way to explain how they met each other?

Since we all must make sacrifices in following Christ, why would the three kings be any different? Even if they didn't know exactly what the star meant (when they first saw it), it is hoped that they knew it was a portent of a very special event. Is it out of the bounds of possibility that they saw the star long before others, and that God was calling them to sacrifice their kingdoms and themselves?

And so a Meeting of the Ways could have other connotations, too. Perhaps a spot where they chatted, or had another revelation, or perhaps even had tea. Maybe they met the legendary "Fourth King Here" (that, my friends is for another story, as it doesn't happen in mine). Who knows? But the idea of them traveling the thousands of miles in a single night is a little stretch, and since their journey to Christ is not detailed in the Bible, for me it remains an open question.


... Next up... The Hill of Vaws.

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