Thursday, November 29, 2012

Re: Barnes and Noble and other “Noble?” booksellers:

I have generated quite a bit of interest in this book, Following Yonder Star. So far I have about six radio interviews booked, including FoxNews online. However, when I went to our Barnes and Noble, I was told the book is in a “pre-order” status, meaning they cannot stock it, but will “gladly” order the book on request. “We support local authors, but...” There is no support in the word “but.” I talked to corporate and got the same reply. No amount of begging, pleading on behalf of the author will do any good.

But all is not lost. If enough people walk into their local store and request that the book be carried, they will have to order enough copies for the demand. I can understand why they don’t carry all titles, especially from the independent and small-press authors, but now it’s getting silly.

So, if you have a local bookstore, please ask them to carry the book. When people listen to the radio interviews, they will wonder where they can buy the book... if all they have is Amazon, it’s not going to go over too well. And so, if people are out there asking for it, perhaps the giant will change its ways. Until then it will only be available locally, and a few scattered independent stores.

Following Yonder Star
By: Martin Gibbs
ISBN: 978-1475080605

Thanks everyone!

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