Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Three Kings Are Under Way!!!

Winter has come to Minnesota. With it the comforting sense that Christmas is not far away; because of this I have released this book early.

... here is an excerpt from the upcoming book, We Three Kings.

Chapter 1: Strangers on the Wind...

The wind was the cry of a newborn.

It wailed through the collection of dilapidated, empty huts; dust-devils, kicked up by its tendrils, bounced through the empty square that had been a town, and skipped off the dry waves that lapped at the dock. Balthazar, king of Saba, shuddered at the hauntingly real sound. A trick of the wind, surely, but still it sent a shiver through his body, though the sun seared the caked hardpan.

This place was empty, dead.

Balthazar shrugged, nodded to his servant Nador, who waited patiently by the camels. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

The servant turned to ready for departure when he paused. He gazed out at the harbor.

“What is it?”

“People are coming, majesty.”

Well. Perhaps this day would not be wasted after all. Balthazar turned back and watched as two small boats approached the crooked dock.
Again the wind keened and the cry of a newborn filled his ears.

Balthazar walked swiftly to the dock—

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